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How To Unpublished posts in WordPress

How To Unpublished posts in WordPress A number of questions on how to Unpublished posts in WordPress based website arise because some users are not as technical as you might think. However, to Unpublished posts in WordPress does not require any technical experience. While the process to unpublished posts in WordPress might seem trivial, many […]

WinSCP moves file with .filepart extension

WinSCP moves file with .filepart extension WinSCP is used as an FTP program utility to move files from local storage to remove locations. Its works similar to Filizilla but the WinSCP has many other features including ability to schedule the transfer of files and folders to remove locations. I used WInSCP recently to copy files […]

How Biafra was Betrayed by the British

BRITISH BORN HAROLD SMITH CONFESSED & APOLOGISE FOR MANIPULATING PRE- INDEPENDENT CENSUS AND ELECTION TO FAVOUR NORTH. The man Harold Smith is not new in Nigerian history. He is one of the architects of colonial foundation that midwife Nigerian independence in 1960. I met him in a meeting three weeks ago where he opened up […]

How to migrate your wordpress from one host to another

How to migrate your wordpress from one host to another I use to prefer to develop wordpress based websites for customers by directly installing and developing on the customers hosting server. Majority of the cases, especially for active websites, you cannot shutdown the websites while doing a re-design project. However, to migrate a website from […]

How to Install Open Cart Template

In the previous versions of OpenCart, it can be difficult to install a template but this has certainly eased out in the later versions of OpenCart. The step described below to install openCart template is based on openCart version 1.5x. Here are things you need to know: Make sure you understand the version that the […]

How to Install OpenCart extension

In this post , we will walk you through the process of installing an OpenCart extension. First of all, you have to identify the extension that you want to install. We will use the free export and Import OpenCart extension developed by JNeuhoff called Import/Export Tool. This tool can help you import thousands of products […]

Before You Install OpenCart extension

Opencart is an open source eCommerce tool that can help an experienced website developer to roll out an eCommerce application within a few minutes. You can get the latest version here. OpenCart comes with default features that are sufficient to run a full eCommerce business. However, like any other application, there are advanced features that […]

Setting up a website for your business

Setting up a business website can be pain when you don’t know exactly what you need or what is required to go online. To setup a web presence online, here are a few information that you must know: You must choose a name of your website example .  This is called a domain name. This names is […]