Before You Install OpenCart extension

Opencart is an open source eCommerce tool that can help an experienced website developer to roll out an eCommerce application within a few minutes. You can get the latest version here.
OpenCart comes with default features that are sufficient to run a full eCommerce business. However, like any other application, there are advanced features that help store owners to enhance the performance of their website.
OpenCart allow web developers to add features to the platform through what is called Modules or extensions. Extensions provides an easier way to install and configure additional features in OpenCart based website.
An OpenCart extension can be installed manually or through a tool called “VQMOD” aka known as Virtual modifier. VQMOD helps the user to make changes to the core files without really phyically touching the files. It comes embedded with an XML file that enforces the file changes on the fly at run time. With this tool, you can be assured your changes will be performed as accurately as expected.
The catch is some extension developers do not develop the extensions using VQMOD standard. This is a good tip for you when next you are shopping for an extension. VQMOD can be downloaded here.
With all these information, you can now proceed to learn how to install OpenCart extension

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