WinSCP moves file with .filepart extension

WinSCP moves file with .filepart extension

WinSCP is used as an FTP program utility to move files from local storage to remove locations. Its works similar to Filizilla but the WinSCP has many other features including ability to schedule the transfer of files and folders to remove locations.

I used WInSCP recently to copy files and I found myself struggling with the reason why any files I copy to the remove server, has an extension .filepart. .filepart makes the file example pdf files unusable.

Apparently WinSCP has a tradition of renaming  any file you want to copy to the target name only once the transfer successfully finishes. However, in my own case, it was just a small file that does not need to be held to satisfy this feature.

How to Fix WinSCP filepart extension

Here is a simple way to fix the issue  WinSCP moves file with .filepart extension

Step 1 Select Options from the menu as shown below


Step 2 Select preferences, you will be navigated to a big  list of options


Step 3: Under Transfer Files, lick on endurance link

WinSCP endurance

Step 4: You will notice that as shown below, “All” is selected by default because WinSCP  transfer files to temporary filename  by default before moving to the remote location.


Then proceed to change this setting to Disable.

winscp options


Once done, the copy process will no longer attach the extension .filepart.


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